VirtuaPets: Cubi

CUBI!!! That’s right, Cubi is finally here. In Cubi’s first appearance on the Digital Desktop. Cubi is here for you! Cubi is always waiting. Cubi is always watching. Designed to keep up with your thoughts Cubi will be your best friend! We here at Coleeto Entertainment only want one thing, and that’s you to ENJOY, YOUR CUBI!!!!

To make sure EVERYONE can enjoy Cubi, we have made Cubi ENTIRELY FREE. No payment plans, no installation fees, that’s right. Entirely, Free.

All you need to do is agree to a teensy weensy little terms of service document agreement. Nothing serious. And CUBI WILL BE READY FOR YOU.

What are you waiting for? Screenshots or videos or something?

Download Cubi here.

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